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[For Fraser - Friday]

If Ray lets himself think about this thing too much, he's gonna make himself sick, which is why he's humming along loudly to the radio as he waits in the Goat just outside the Consulate. His fingers are drumming against his thigh nervously and he sips his coffee compulsively, not really tasting the bitter precinct coffee as it burns down his throat. It's almost time for their meeting with Laura and her lawyer, so Ray's swung by the Consulate to pick Fraser up and get going.

They've got plenty of time and this is the last thing in the world Fraser would ever be late for, but Ray keeps glancing at his watch anyway, then returns his hand to his leg where his fingers once again pick up an erratic beat. "C'mon, Fraser," he mumbles to himself, then starts to hum along to the song on the radio again.

They're gonna be fine. They're nice people and they aren't weirdos or nothing, so Ray thinks they're gonna be just fine, but it's still nerve wracking. The process hasn't been easy and they're not home free yet, but they're getting closer. They just have to make this lady believe they can be good for her baby once it's born and Ray thinks they can do that.

God, he hopes they can do that.
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