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On the inside, I'm a poet

Outside: shake, bad guy, shake

Ray Kowalski
27 March 1969
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Detective Ray Kowalski, Chicago Police Department. Couple of years ago I got a Mountie for a partner and now... well, my life's a hell of a lot different, but I like it the way it is.

"Right. Right. Like you can't go forward until you go backward. Like I tried to run away from my past, but you can't do it, 'cause it's in your skin, it stays with you. You gotta retrace your steps to figure out how you got here. I took this bus, I drove this car, I got on this train, I walked down this street, I turned this corner, I opened this door, and I stepped into a bank."
- Eclipse


[I own nothing. I have no affiliation with due South, Ray Kowalski or Callum Keith Rennie. No harm intended.]