Ray Kowalski (ray__k) wrote,
Ray Kowalski

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Y'know, Fraser, leaving handcuffs on my page thing with that kinda message isn't really all that anonymous.

Just wait 'till you get home.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.
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Well, I'll remember that. For next time.
You should just sign your name next time.
Yes, I suppose I could do that.
Did you get me real handcuffs, too?
You already have a set.
Yeah, but mine are real ones for arresting people.
But you asked for real ones. Now you want real ones that aren't really real?
I want real ones that are used for stuff other than arresting people.
For both our sakes, I hope you're not implying anything with fur.
Doesn't have to be fur. Just real cuffs that're used for, y'know. Stuff. Stuff.
Ah, of course. Stuff.
Yeah, y'know. Stuff.

Did you get handcuffs for that? :D
Ray, I once nearly passed out in a boutique that specialized in women's lingerie. Surely, if I were to stray too close to any sort of establishment where one might acquire handcuffs for 'stuff', this conversation would not be taking place. I'd be hospitalized.
I could go with you. And then maybe you wouldn't pass out 'cause we'd be getting them together?
At the very least, if I do pass out, you come complete with a cellphone and would probably call an ambulance quicker than a store clerk might.
Or I could just give you some mouth to mouth before we used our new handcuffs.
Do you know how to administer proper CPR...? Not that I mind improper CPR. Unless, of course, I were dying.
Of course I know proper CPR. But I'm way better at improper CPR.
Well, both skills come with their own specific benefits.